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3D Printing and Chocolate Making

A renowned chocolate maker is it  calling it the way of the future and an industry about to be disrupted – welcome to the world of 3D Printing and making chocolates. We are entering a new era where sophisticated production machinery like 3D printing are becoming affordable to SMME and this includes work from home startups. For those who are able to master the skills required to create 3D models – the future is bright in many ways as we predict this skill will be highly sort after in the near future. Ironically, the skills required  and knowledge thresholds to enter this field are lowering due to advances in newly developed and intuitive CAD packages been released such as that of Autodesk123D and other apps that are also available on mobile devices.

3D Printing is an emerging technology that is considered by many to be this century’s most disruptive technology. It …

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Amity wide

Amity Project

Aimity Box Box

The Amity Project recognises the enormous benefits that art, design and culture bring to new innovation through experimentation, original thought  and discovery of new ideas. Such creative activities and energy have the potential to support  local economic initiatives through the creation of new innovative and marketable products. Additionally, through direct collaboration and working together of ‘artists and engineers’, new emerging technology can be applied in the arts and crafts industry by providing advanced tools, materials and methodologies to realise previously impossible projects.

We are entering a new era (known as the maker revolution) where powerful tools that were once the exclusive domain of large enterprises are now being acquired by individuals and small businesses e.g. 3D Printing systems and 3D CAD modelling software that allows the individual or SME the power to better compete in …

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agile engines4

Agile Innovation Engines

Agile project management and agile development hype should in theory  be driven  by  agile  research and  innovation. According to statements made by David Cochrane, an IP patent attorney, South Africa is losing ground in number of patents registered in relation to other countries  (including its fellow BRIC  nations). A slowing of South African patent applications to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is a disturbing trend. By applying Wolfgang Grulke’s Ten Lessons from the Future we can begin to highlight what this means for South Africa and how we may strategically reverse the negative trend:

Information and ideas fuel the new global economy  - if we as a nation are not innovating, we are not going to be part of the new global (or local!) economy. Biotechnology is the second information revolution - The South African government needs to offer incentives and central funding not only to stimulate ‘big simple technologies’ but also ‘small complex technologies’ …

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GEAs – Genetic Engineering Algorithms

Does innovation and technology follow the rules of Darwinism? According to Brian Arthur, technology and innovation is not just about the application of scientific discovery. Technology rather evolves through a Darwinian process of combining existing technology components to solve engineering problems. Next generation technologies therefore  evolve through the creation of novel solutions for new problems that arise from new requirements – a sort of mutated intentional design so to speak.

Solutions or designs that are good enough, propagate through the process of natural selection. However, it may not be the best designs that ‘survive’ but rather those that are first in on an emerging field or that are backed by an aggressive market campaign or simply are better funded. The possibility therefore exists that their are many better engineering designs  ’out there’ which …

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Hello world!

Firstly, welcome to NEXT Interface’s brand new blog! In this blog we will be covering emerging and disruptive technologies that we think will impact and drive change. Coming from a strong research & development engineering background, we hope to provide some deep insights as to how new, emerging and  evolving technology will disrupt our shared future.

I believe both technology and our understanding of it is rapidly changing, and that the traditional perspective on engineering design and technology management is approaching a paradigm shift – a shift away from current human dependent design to more reliance on evolutionary and automated design systems. On the other hand, there will be increased focus and demand for human centered roles that map  ideas to solution spaces and then provide inputs to automated design.

Combined with virtual design, testing and validation as well as smart manufacturing technology, the importance of engineers in the traditional …

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