A collaboration of independent innovators, designers, product developers, technology researchers, creatives, artists and engineers: Whether you are freelance engineer, professional consultant in a particular field or simply like to make and design things, then we have created this site just for you. Additionally, small-medium or micro enterprises (SMME’s) which have embraced open innovation models, are focused on emerging technologies or who are seeking development partners for open collaborative projects can freely connect with individuals at Next Interface.

Next Interface has researched and identified five emerging domains of technology that will disrupt the world:

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Robotics, Drones, Telepresence Systems
  3. 3D Design, 3D Scanning and 3D Printing
  4. Wearables (Quantified life, Context Aware Systems, Augmented Reality)
  5. Artificial Intelligence (Analytics, Design Tools)

It is our vision and goal to support South Africa’s innovators, inventors,  and entrepreneurs to begin developing  products for these emerging technologies. The services we aim to provide are:

  • Low cost 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and Design.
  • Low volume, batch manufacturing of early products that have potential.
  • Provide a Protoshop / online store for early release products i.e. “Proving Grounds Retail Outlet”
  • Provide the existing design, arts and craft community with engineering  resource
  • Application of advanced technologies and methodologies to create a new products embedded in the design, arts and crafts sector.

A little history about Next Interface…

Founded by engineers in 2012, Next Interface is evolving as an ecosystem that exists for the sole purpose to innovate and facilitate collaborative product development. With your participation and in the spirit of ‘Research, Discovery & Development’, a highly networked, effective and innovative framework capable of progressing research and ideas into commercially viable products is now becoming a reality.

Additionally, with the progressive acceptance of open innovation models and the new emerging technologies that are fuelling the ‘maker revolution’ and ‘garage manufacturing’ movement, Next Interface has opened the door to further social developments in 2013 by expanding and integrating the creative community of Cape Town as a whole. This further re-enforces our goal to create a much needed platform for creative individuals with a desire to connect to Cape Town’s technical design community and provide access to technical resources, tools and skills.    

Ultimately, our objective is to create a cohesive ecosystem that fuels innovation and provides individuals with the opportunity to convert game changing ideas into services and products in the most efficient way possible through the application of emerging technologies and highly interconnected but diverse skill sets.