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What if we can take a 6 billion dollar industry and significantly disrupt the normal way this business works. The chocolate industry is wide open for this disruption using cutting edge 3D printing.

Chocolate molds take a long time to make and can be very expensive. 3D printing offers a competitive advantage, reducing both cost and turnaround time in creating these custom molds. Whatever one can think of in the universe of mold making can now be printed and applied in allied industries – for example candles, ceramics, soaps etc. Additionally, new market opportunities arise as a result of this technology allowing for smaller ‘minimum order’ volume production runs, while still been able to maintain healthy profit margins.

Adrian Parsons and Phillip Cohen have established a collaborative venture to create employment through sustainable mini ecosystems based on a distributed manufacturing model (mini franchising as sub-model) with a central hub for skill training, volume purchasing, quality control and supporting technical services. Initial focus will be on setting up a hub for skills development in 3D modeling, 3D printing and molding processes plus the attendant business skills necessary for startup ventures.

Formal education has failed the youth-Nearly 50% of young people drop out in Grade 9. Without education, without jobs, without hope these young people are vulnerable and prone to the influence of alcohol, drugs and crime.  The National Development Plan calls for the creation of 11 million jobs by 2030 and makes special reference to youth, (Read more: http://www.mediaclubsouthafrica.com/democracy/3655-a-vision-for-2030-south-africa-s-national-development-plan#ixzz3QH61NGeZ)

We have heard this call and  developed a full service program , from recruitment to selection, training and skills development, leading to three possible outcomes;

  •  Employment
  • Social franchise owner
  • Entrepreneur developing new businesses and growing with the technology.

The initial phase of selection, recruitment and training will follow a well tried model that is proving successful in township enterprises. Phillip Cohen with Murray Ingram,  has been instrumental in the curriculum and enterprise development for Connect Community Development. (see video http://youtu.be/AkWxDadWMTM)

Our vision is to create a high tech central hub that will be a one stop shop for training in both the tech and business skills building in a mentorship program.  The format will be series of 12 week training modules that will take groups of  unemployed youth from the basics through to mastery.  Each 12 week course can stand alone or become the building block for the next. No prior knowledge or formal education certificate necessary. Bursaries will be available for those who can’t afford the fees. The barrier to entry is low the model has been piloted and proven in the industry by Adrian Parsons. (www.nextinterface.co.za/?page_id=12)